Course of the Blackjack game

Course of the Blackjack game

Course of the Blackjack game

The game begins with the dealer shuffling the cards. There are various ways to do this and they vary from casino to casino. In general, ASM (Automatic Shuffle Machines) are used, that is automatic machines that shuffle the cards and prevent expert players from determining where the cards will be positioned during the shuffle.

Another way is constituted by CSM (Continuous Shuffling Machines) which are always automatic machines, but which shuffle the cards at each hand to cancel the advantage of those who count the cards. In general, these machines are very expensive for the casino and because they are used often they break easily, so not all casinos make extensive use of them.

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In online Blackjack, however, since there is no physical dealer, it is the software itself that virtually provides for this operation.

After shuffling the cards, the croupier places them horizontally on the table and offers a player a card (different from the others) to place in the middle of the deck to decide where the cards will be cut / lifted. Then the dealer cuts the cards and puts the card back in the middle of the deck to indicate this time where the cards will be shuffled again.

When all players have placed their bets the real game begins. The dealer gives two cards (face down or face up depending on the casino rules) to all players and keeps two of them for himself.

One dealer’s card is face down, while the other is visible to all. At this point, when everyone has their cards, the dealer starts with the first player to his right (called the position of first base) and asks him what he wants to do: hit or stay? The dealer continues, like this, moving left for all the other players.

It is a good idea to answer the croupier’s question with hand signals, because answering it verbally could create misunderstandings. In addition, in the event of a dispute you can use the recording of the cameras, but if instead of gesturing to the dealer you have answered him verbally, the recording will not be able to help you because the cameras, generally, are not equipped with audio.

How the dealer plays

The dealer, banker or dealer must necessarily play slot machine singapore in a specific way, according to a regulation that does not allow him to choose and that is, he must draw cards until he reaches 17. Once he reaches at least 17 (17 inclusive) he must stop in any case . However, there are some variations of blackjack that allow you to hit if the dealer has soft 17, i.e. an (ace, 6), (ace, 5, ace), (ace, 4,2) which are all examples of soft 17 (S17). It is clear that, when there is this soft 17 rule, the dealer has a big advantage over you and therefore we advise against sitting at a table that has this rule.

When is Blackjack played?

Blackjack occurs when the score of 21 is reached with only the first two cards. So, the only chance is that you get an ace and a card worth 10 in the first hand.

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